Thursday, May 05, 2005

More on bigotry 

yesterday, I criticized the Louisville Courier Journal for an editorial that I thought (and still do think) was ill informed, mean spirited and bigoted to say the least. In the editorial, the paper tried to paint with a broad brush by linking Southern Baptist Seminary's move on counseling ciriculum to an inicident alleged to have happened at the Air Force Acadamy.

Not only was the rhetorical move a tremendous leap in logic, now information about the alleged incident has come out at HughHewitt.com, namely that the incident was essentially cooked up by the ultra partisan group Americans United for the Seperation of Church and State. THAT group picked up on a memo from a feminist scholar from the Yale Divinity School who had an apparant axe to grind with evangelical worship on campus. So, we have a city's only major paper biting hard on an "investigation" by a group with a definite axe to grind against Christians or the expression of the Christian faith. Being biased is one thing, but being bigoted like the paper has been is something else entirely.

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