Sunday, August 21, 2005

Two new additions 

I have come across two important blogs for two different reasons and I think people should check them out regularly.

The first blog is the Blackwell for Governor blog. I think conservatives should help elect Ken Blackwell for a host of reasons but the biggest two being: 1. He has challenged the statist political culture in Columbus and I think he would be a true breath of fresh air in that stagnant cesspool. 2. I will remind my fellow conservatives time and again that he was the GOP point man on the 2000 census. He was effective in getting the census bureau to actually count people and to not rely so heavily on sampling. This was a huge issue in 1999. Mr. Blackwell has been in the trenches here in Cincinnati and in Columbus and in Washington fighting the good fight. He deserves our thanks, our support and our contributions.

I have not been compensated by nor have I contributed to the Blackwell for Governor campaign, any officials with the campaign or any outside groups involved with the campaign.

The other blog is The American Thinker. This blog/e-zine is a far ranging and intelligent take on other bloggers and the news of the day. For an analysis junkie like me, this site is rock solid. There is a good mix of news and information that I find very intriguing and worth consideration and I think readers of this blog will find the same thing.

Both of these fine blogs have been linked to on the right hand side of the page under "Political Pundits" (The American Thinker) and "General Blogroll" (Blackwell's blog).

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Intuitions on Intelligent Design 

A couple of weeks ago, controversy was created when President Bush said that Intelligent Design and evolution should be properly taught side by side. I happen to agree with that remark, but I have a number of intuitions, free-form thoughts so to speak about intelligent design in general. I hope to expand on these thoughts sometime in the future where I will have more time to read and to think about the issue more clearly.

1. Of course there is intelligent design. I'm glad researchers are catching up with much of the church on this point. The Lord God spoke and created all things, both visible and invisible. Of course there is the appearance of design, because an intelligent Maker made all living things and the laws that govern them.

2. While I am a young earth creationist, I have mellowed out in my dogmatic stances over the years and will allow for some flexibility of belief. It is far more important to me that Christians in particular get the meaning of the word "day" in Genesis right before worrying too much about the approximate age of the earth. Let me state it clearly for one and all: while the word "day" could mean "age" or "a long period of time" or something like it, the church has, if I'm correct, simply assumed that "day" means a twenty four hour day. Is it possible? If the Lord can raise His only begotten Son from the dead to accomplish the salvation of many from all tribes, tongues and nations, then yes, he can speak and the world be created.

3. I believe that even if the age of the earth is millions of years old, the time of man is only about ten to twenty thousand years, if one is to follow the genealogies in the Bible back to their origins.

4. I have no problem with man and dinosaurs coexisting together. Just because we have dinosaur remains in one spot allegedly and human remains in another spot, doesn't necessarily mean that they didn't coexist.

5. Creation, by itself, can lead one to conclude that there is a God and he should be worshiped, but to get the story of salvation and redemption, special revelation is required. Thus, by itself ID research can get one no farther than perhaps a deistic view of God. To go much farther would require further teaching and exposition from the Scriptures.

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