Saturday, August 26, 2006

Update #2 

My church's search for a new pastor continues onward. Nobody has been presented to us as a congregation. I do not know if we have men on the cusp of being introduced to us or not. I do not know how many "nibbles" we have had. I am glad the search committee is being deliberate with its task because having the right man for the job is vital to the spiritual life and health of a local congregation. As of this writing, no news means that men from other churches in our presbytery (Ohio Valley; PCA) will come to bring us the word and to administer the Lord's Table to us. We will continue to pray for those involved with choosing our next teaching elder that God would give them strength, wisdom and discernment.

Personal update#1 

Just to get others up to speed . . . Nancy has just completed her physical therapy. She steadily moved from a walker to crutches to a cane to nothing now. She took all of her pain medication a while ago and has returned to normal. The thing that she has some difficulty doing is getting full range in her ankle and being able to carry our current littlest one down our stairs outside. These challenges can be overcome but they are where the most difficulty lies right now.

We are now in the midst of preparing our place for the arrival of a son. The due date has been placed for September 11, so we'll see what happens. We have had c-sections with our previous two children, but we are optimistic that we can have a non surgical childbirth this time around. Please pray that things will go well for us in this regard. Giving birth vaginally is Nancy's desire and I want things to go smoothly and without complications.

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