Wednesday, May 04, 2005

How can getting it so wrong feel so right? 

I have to wonder in amazement at the Louisville Courier Journal's editorial. They completely miss the boat on what the Seminary wants to do. They claim that the Seminary's change in psychological curriculum amounts to a debate between "science" and "faith". The paper claims that the seminary is taking itself out of the mainstream of American society with this change. Al Mohler's response is to say that what the seminary is trying to do is train up men for the pastorate, not secular psychological counselors. Coming from a Baptististic background into Reformed Protestantism, I can tell you that one group Mr. Mohler is involved with, The Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals, has had numerous articles published questioning and criticizing much of the therapeutic "treatments" involved in counseling these days. An honest look at Dr. Mohler's associations would have revealed his skepticism of contemporary counseling methods.

The Courier-Journal's editorial was lazy and mean spirited in nature. Heaven forbid that a seminary be for the training up of young men for the ministry of word and sacrament (or in the seminarian case ordinances). Linking the seminary's move on counseling with a bigoted incident at the Air Force Academy (some 1,000 miles away) merely demonstrates some of the depth of the paper's religiousitis. The seeds of the paper's continuing irrelevance was demonstrated in Dr. Mohler's response to the editorial when the good doctor posted links to four articles found in print. The paper should continue its slide in irrelevance if it cannot or will not correct its own bigotry, hatred and slander.

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