Sunday, March 07, 2010

Saying "Thank you" 

On March 4 2010, Daniel Joshua Goldsworth was born to me and my wife Nancy. We delivered at St. Elizabeth hospital in Edgewood, KY. I have been reminded recently that while it may not "take a village" to raise a child, families are not in vacuums hermetically sealed off one from the other. I am grateful that God has blessed us with caring, loving families along the way. The list of items I am grateful for (in no particular order):

1. I am thankful, honored and humbled by the presence of our fifth child. I often asked "why us?" I am thankful to the One and True Living God who gives all good blessings in His pleasure.
2. Mom and Dad: Thank you for the food, the hours spent babysitting and for the attention to a myriad of details like the dishes and suitable cups for the older children.
3. The Stacy family: Thank you for the gifts of diapers, clothes and mothering advice.
4. The Hickeys: Thank you for your prayers, for the food and the pastoral care.
5. The Fouts: Thank you for the food, the baby clothes and the visit to Nancy on Thursday.
6. The Hills: Thank you for the visit to Nancy and your prayers.
7. My sister-in-law Kris: Thank you for trekking all the way up from Crittenden to baby sit the kids Thursday.
8. Nancy's Mother: Thank you for the sacrifice of your time and effort to journey 2,000 miles to be with us for two weeks.

These are just some of the people who have come into our lives and have been a blessing. I know I have left some off of this list. I am sorry. The absence wasn't intentional I assure you. Let me say once more: THANK YOU

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