Sunday, January 31, 2016

A Quick Wine Review 

2012 Altano Douro by Symington Vineyards

 When it comes to drinking wine, I admit there is a lot I have yet to even explore.  In the past, we have usually purchased some really cheap (usually red) wine to use with our cooking.  The results  with other wines was OK.  The Altano Douro was a revelation by comparison.

This wine struck me throughout as being very smooth and mellow in comparison to the other cheap wines I had consumed.  While I can't tell you the different flavors in the wine, I can tell you the wine not only started smooth on my pallet, it finished that way as well.   I had taken an intuitive flier and only after I had made my purchase did I discover that the wine was well received online.  The best part of the experience was finding a very good wine for $9 per bottle (purchased at Jungle Jim's Eastgate).  

I will gladly recommend this wine for anyone looking for a good affordable red wine. 

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