Monday, February 28, 2005

A Brief Brush With Greatness 

On Feb. 23, while I was working at my "second" job, I had the distinct honor of serving one Anthony Munoz. It was one of the biggest thrills of my life. Mr. Munoz was not only an exceptionally gifted athlete (he was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame in 1998), he has been an involved member of the community here in Cincinnati (The Anthony Munoz Foundation is just one concrete example of his involvement locally). He spoke at the evangelistic crusade Billy Graham held here in 2002. He helped direct the President's re-election efforts here in Hamilton County after the original campaign chair had to resign because of a sex scandal. I have yet to find someone who has had bad things to say about this man or his family.

Mr. Munoz was out at the mall where I work and was there with his wife and youngest son. While they were waiting for their order to be put together, Anthony was spotted by some kids on the food court and he cheerfully visited with them. I was able to obtain his autograph when he came back to order more food and drink. I was thrilled and honored to have served a man who is famous because he was great both on the athletic field and, more importantly, off of it as well.

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