Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Keep Your Hands Off My Merger! 

This isn’t good. In last Monday’s Cincinnati Enquirer, area congress critters seemed to be worried about the status of Delta’s hub here. It seems that concerns about the status of the hub come from the fact that Delta is rumored to be thinking about maybe possibly merging with either United Airlines or Northwest Airlines. I have stated in the past,Delta-Northwest merger makes sense. Seeing as how the airlines are still code sharing and seeing as how they both filed for bankruptcy in the same court on the same day, and because I thought the merger would be a good geographical fit, the merger made sense to me. I haven’t been looking, but nothing has come up to dissuade me from my previous opinion of the situation.

I had not considered a Delta – United merger as a possibility, but a merger would allow the airlines to (much like a Delta – Northwest merger) share financial obligations, would make sense geographically as well with United being headquartered in Chicago and Delta out of Atlanta, and finally the move would take seats out of the skies thus allowing the airlines to charge more per seat than they otherwise could. A quick aside: concerns about the consumers in Cincinnati on the part of lawmakers is, in my mind, misguided. With Delta’s hub in place, Cincinnati travelers pay some of the highest airfares in the country. Getting rid of that blasted hub would hopefully put downward pressure on ticket prices here making it easier to travel in and out of our fair area.

I think the prospect of losing airline jobs here would hurt in the short term. I think it would be far more constructive on the part of the area's Congress men and women and the airport board to look to Indianapolis as an example to follow. The airfares out of Indy are considerably cheaper than out of Cincinnati (I have made the drive several times to fly across the country). Indianapolis doesn’t have one airline’s hub to the virtual exclusion of everyone else. Instead, what it does have is United Airlines heavy maintenance facilities. I would hope something like this could point the way forward. Good paying, high skill airline jobs would either stay the same or might increase and the loss of jobs here would be somewhat mitigated in the short term. Another benefit of allowing Delta to end its hub here would be the lower prices to consumers in the area.

The airport board, our Congress critters and other area lawmakers should stop freaking out about the possibilities of a Delta merger. Getting rid of a monopolistic, inefficient, hub and consolidating planes and seats can move the region and the airlines forward in a constructive manner.

UPDATE: okay, after reading this article from the New York Times, it seems that the possibility of a Delta and Northwest merger isn't so far fetched after all. My overriding conclusions about a merger haven't changed, only the imminence of the event have. I still think a merger would be a good thing for the region in the end IF, and that's a big word here, the political "leaders" and airport board handle their cards right.

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Friday, January 11, 2008

A little carnival never hurt anyone 

Just a quick note to let everyone know that Carnival of the Infosciences 86 is up here at Vital Library.

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Monday, January 07, 2008

Doing a blog carnival 

A little while ago, I decided to look into the library sciences as a career change. I must admit that reading some of the librarian specific blogs can be a challenge for a new comer, but I found going to the Carnival of the Infosciences at Blogcarnival.com. The latest carnival (#85) is here at Libraryola.

Check out the entries. I have found them to be educational and entertaining at the same time.

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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

From the Template Desk 

The church where I am a member, Church of the Covenant, in Cincinnati, OH has a new web address: http://www.jeremiah31.org. The change was made yesterday in my template over on the right hand side of the blog.

Please check out the site. Even better, if you are in the Cincinnati area, please pay us a visit. Worship starts at 9:30 a.m. followed by Sunday school at about 11:30 We would like to have you visit some time.

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