Monday, April 19, 2010

I was for Brook Jacoby before I was against him 

I find this to be amusing:
Lance McAlister from April 13, 2010
Reds thoughts
*They've won 4 of last 5....and are over .500 for first time since July 4 of 2009 (40-39)
*Offense...I'm a big fan of Jacoby:).....11 hits, 3 HR, all 8 regulars had at least one hit
*I've always loved Nix:)..Dusty started him and he had a hit, RBI and walk
*Nice to see the pop from Rolen...2 HR's...and reached out and flipped the game winning hit over 2nd
*How 'bout Rolen as your 4th hitter? He's done it more than any other spot in his career (729 games) and has the discipline and patience.
*Nice to see Jay get 2 hits...breaking an 0-17 and doubling his season total...and add a walk
*Loved the bunt for hit by Phillips in 8th and SAC bunt in 10th that set up game winner. Wonder how many times he's bunted twice in a game in his career?
*Stubbs can flat out fly? Fasted Red in my lifetime?
*Cordero keeps doing his job. Best free agent signing by Reds since?.....76 of 86 (88%) since coming here.
*Cueto...110 pitches in 5 innings...typical. Gets in trouble or flustered and immediately trys to throw one 127 mph.
*Pen: 5 guys covered 5 innings...allowing one run. Massett did a heck of a job to wiggle out of the 9th.
*Would Dye do anything for you?

Lance McAlister from April 18, 2010
How does this man keep his job?
There is plenty of blame to go around...but I continue to find the job security of Brook Jacboy very curious.
Amazingly enough Dusty didn't bring him in and Walt didn't bring him in. But he keeps hanging around.
How many years has this organization struggled to consistently hit the ball? It is mind numbing.
He's in his 4th year as the Reds hitting instructor.
He was a roving hitting instructor for the Reds minor leagues in 2000 and AAA hitting coach in 2001-2002.
Here is the decline of the Reds offense since his first season in 2007:
Year:............... 2007, 2008, 2009
Runs scored.......783, 704, 673,
Runs per game: 4.83, 4.35, .4.15
Batting Average .267, .247, .247
On-base %....... .335, .321, .318
Sure...the case can be made, very fairly, that guys like Dunn and Jr are gone and were not replaced.
And the talent on this team still needs to be dramatically upgraded.
Changing hitting instructors doesn't make this a 90 win team.
But focus on what appears to be a lack of an approach and plan at the plate for this team.
Focus on which hitters have gotten better vs regressed since they've been here.
And you tell me why Jacoby is kept around?
Unless the name of the hitting coach is McGwire, their comings and goings are one line in the transaction notes. So why continue to resist making a change with Jacoby? Heck, this offense has been much worse than the pitching...and Dick Pole got the gate.
I'd hand the gig to Eric Davis, if he wants it, and be done with it.

What I want to know is should Brook Jacoby have been shown the gate when the team was winning? Now that Reds have lost five straight and have been swept by the Pirates, does Lance still "like" Jacoby or not?

Lance McAlister is one of my favorite talk radio personalities. I have listened to his show for years and find it enjoyable. His blog has his show preview, air times and is must read material for me. Its location is here.

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