Sunday, February 25, 2007

A small call to action 

For at least three years, the Rumping family has attended and been active in our church, The Church of the Covenant . I have become friends with the parents, Tom and Mei Ling. I have been blessed by their presence and their service in our congregation. To that end, they have had the grave news that their 2 year old daughter Hannah has recently been diagnosed with the "A.L.L." form of childhood leukemia. In the past couple of days, Hannah's blood pressure dropped as she has had to fight off a viral infection. She is in the Intensive care unit of Cincinnati's Children's Hospital right now. Hannah's condition has stabilized for the time being, but this trial has been tough on Tom and Mei Ling and Hannah's older siblings, Caleb and Sarah.

I ask for two favors from whoever may read this post or this blog: First, pray earnestly for this situation.
1. Please pray to the Almighty for peace, strength, comfort for the family.
2. Please pray for a healing of this infection and of this disease for Hannah.
3. Please pray for continued wisdom and discernment and dedication on the part of the medical staff at the hospital.

Second, I would ask readers to go the Care Page Portal and set up access and to leave a message of encouragement and blessing to this family. The words of encouragement have been a blessing to the family and will be appreciated. Please go there, log in and leave a message.

Thank you for your time and your support.

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