Thursday, January 25, 2007

Pledging . . . Without the drinking 

Hugh Hewitt is encouraging people to take a pledge not to give monies to those Senators who vote for resolutions criticizing the president's plan in Iraq. The pledge also a commitment to withhold funds from the National Republican Senatorial Committee unless the chairman of the committee, Sen. Ensign states in writing that candidates supporting resolutions won't get any funding from the committee.

I can take this pledge for two very basic reasons:
1. I have no monies to give. What contributions might come from me and my family had better be worth it. Undercutting the president and general patreus right now in a craven and spineless political maneuver are serious black marks in my book.

2. The Senate caucus is not a club. The pledge is an effort by activists within the party to instill some basic discipline in the Senate, something that has been lacking for a very long time now. I, like Mr. Hewitt, am a party man. That label has to stand for something.

take the pledge today.

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