Sunday, January 21, 2007

Good point... 

In his most recent column, Dinesh D'souza makes the point that what had started as a movement to defend erotic literature now lionizes creeps like Larry Flynt in a move to protect "free speech". Whether or not someone disagrees with his thesis and his conclusion, I want to highlight what I think is the money quote below:
The spread of porn is not surprising, and neither is its popularity. It is not the appeal of sex, but the appeal of voyeurism. After all, the actors in porn films seek to gratify not themselves but the viewer. The spectator finds himself in an unnatural position of being witness to a sexual act which is conducted fully for his benefit. It’s hard to deny that there is something degrading in the continuous exposure to increasingly hard-core pornography.

this autonomous voyuerism is what helps fuel men's sinful and wayward hearts. I urge everyone to read, in conjunction with D'Souza's column This speech by Al Mohler. When people, particularly men, are allowed to feed and fuel lusts unabated, no one benefits in the end.

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