Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Update #4 

On Sunday September 24, my church, Church of the Covenant, formally extended a call to Glenn Durham to become our teaching elder. Mr. Durham has been serving in Omaha, Nebraska at Dominion Covenant Church after serving as a church planter for the PCA in Arkansas and Chicago. Given what I heard in his sermon on Sunday and what I heard at a reception last Friday night, I think he will be a good fit for our particular congregation. Glenn and his wife both struck me as highly intelligent, thoughtful people whose lives have indeed been touched with the Spirit.

With the wide margin of the final vote on whether or not to extend the call to Mr. Durham, he should have little trouble passing examination by the Ohio Valley Presbytery. I am thankful to God for moving amongst the members of the pulpit committee who sifted through about 60 different applications and resumes. I am thankful that the final votes were without conflict and there appears to be a large measure of unity behind the choice. I am intuitively optimistic about the future of the church going forward. Praise be to the Lord for His gracious hand!

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