Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Thinking About Torture 

In a strong open letter to the "Religious Right", Joe Carter at Evangelical Outpost had this note to say about torture
I can’t make excuses for us on this one anymore: We have to take a firm stand against torture. Yes, there is a debate about what exactly is meant by that term. So let’s define it in a way that consistent with our belief in human dignity. And then let’s hold every politician in the country to that standard. Our silence is embarrassing.
I'm not sure what is expected here. He says that our silence has been embarrassing. I am guilty as charged for swallowing the conservative Kool-Aid on this issue before I have dealt with the issue in a serious God and Bible fearing manner. But what I have read online and in other sources tell me that serious theologians and public discourse has been anything but silent on the issue. I will engage the issue thoughtfully going forward, but I don't know what is to be expected at this late date. I am in favor arguing or debating whether or not this or that technique would qualify as torture or if it is merely psychological gamemanship or aggressiinterrogationion techniques. The lines amurkykey as far as I can tell on this front. This is to say nothing about the heart of the prison guards and officials in charge.

The charge of "silence" strikes me as being silly. Especially when you consider This collection of thoughtful essays by Christian thinkers and posts like this, this, this, andthis.

There is a lot more discussion that needs to take place on this issue. I have been given sound reason by Joe to pause and to seriously, with eyes wide open, consider what it is I believe on this issue. I embraced conservativism and "Reformed" theology with eyes wide open. I knew that while these ideologies, philosophies, etc had many strong points to them, they ultimately would be found wanting at some point to what the Bible says and who Christ is. I welcome further discussion on this topic. I think that we should consider carefully our moral ground and if it is found wanting, we should take the fight elsewhere.

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