Friday, September 29, 2006

Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood? 

On Thursday, Lance McCallister linked to a story from the Washington Post on his blog. The story is about how the Washington Nationals are ready to part ways with manager Frank Robinson. Lance asked the question on the air: Should the Cincinnati Reds dump Jerry Narron as manager and make a move to get Frank Robinson as manager? Lance said no, he wouldn't. He said that the old grandpa routine had been tried before with Jack McKeon. He said that he would take Robinson at age 50, but not 71. He implied that he would be more effective getting more effort out of Ken Griffey Jr. and Adam Dunn at a younger age.
I have two main thoughts about that. First, it should be pointed out to all Reds fans that the last time the Reds had a winning season was under "Trader Jack" and he also won a world series with the Marlins AFTER leaving the Reds. Just because he's old doesn't mean he's can't coach or get a lot out of his players.
Second, Frank Robinson has been handed the biggest platter of raw sewage out of anyone I know and at least made the club somewhat dangerous to play. Had he had better talent in Montreal/Washington, I think his record would be much better than it is.
One final point. I would make this move, not out of "desperation" to dump Narron as a manager, but as an opportunity to upgrade the manager's spot. I would do it because it would be a fitting homecoming to a Hall of Famer. Finally, I would do it because even at 71, Mr. Robinson could get more out of this team than most other managers out there.

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