Sunday, October 30, 2005

A personal note 

The strange thing about calling that I have observed in my church recently is that when particular people are called by God to a field or a particular endeavor, it's usually a pretty strong and undeniable call on the person's life. Recently, my church sent a bright intelligent young lady to Japan to help our denomination's missions efforts over there as a nanny and secretary to the laborers in the field. I know and trust the young lady in question and I think she will be a tremendous asset to the church in Japan.

Shortly after sending her, my church was surprised by the announcement of my pastor to take a calling to the mission field in the Ukraine (his personal diary/blog is here). Dan just seemed to fit my church so well. He said that when he took the calling to be pastor of the church, he would die there and be buried on our church property. He is bright and intelligent, well versed in history and the Reformed faith. While he was shepherding us, I was fed by him. He was hospitable, friendly and desirous to teach the whole counsel of God as he called it. He has a desire to preach and teach the psalms, the Acts and other sermons that fit right into the church calendar.

Dan will be teaching other pastors in the Ukraine so they can go forth and plant other churches and spread God's kingdom to the ends of the earth. I have nothing but fond memories of Dan and his family. They will be missed because I and the other members of the church love them very much.

The church will be holding a congregational meeting to decide whether or not to accept his resignation and to appoint a search committee to start the process of finding a new pastor. Please be in prayer for our church as we handle this change. I understand that the search took two years before Dan was finally called by our church. The precedent has been set for a patient deliberation of candidates and I hope the committee (whoever it may be) will choose wisely.

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