Friday, October 07, 2005

Courtin' Season 

I have watched with much interest the rhetorical food fight that has broken out in conservative ranks over President Bush's nominee to the Supreme Court, Harriet Miers. I have read Professor Bainbridge and the fine folks at National Review leading the charge against Ms. Miers. On the other side of the ledger, I have read Hugh Hewitt and Beldar ably defend and stick up for the nominee. I have been torn between the two camps because I have sympathies with both. I think that, in her own right and on her own terms, Ms. Miers is an acceptable nominee to the court. From what I have gathered, and read, I don't think her lack of judicial experience will be a major deterrent. I think her legal experience and her personal character will be assets in her favor should she get approval from the Senate.

My thoughts and feelings have been fairly well captured here, here, and here (please note in the final link, the last two paragraphs of the piece. They are beautiful and help put things in their proper perspective). I am warming up to the prospect of a Justice Miers, although I would like very much for her to get a thorough examination by the Senate.

While I think the President could have chosen better or "more qualified" candidates, I was angered by the sarcastic and cynical tone found in this article by Rick Miniter. The whole piece just struck me as insulting to the readers who might be inclined to support and trust the president on this nominee. It wasn't enough to merely disagree with the president's choice, the author had to strike a smarmy and arrogant tone in doing so, just the sort of thing Hedgehog criticizes here. It is time for conservatives to rally behind an exceptional woman and a qualified nominee. As I have read the defenses of Ms. Miers' (particularly Beldar), I have grown in my acceptance of this nominee. I hope the anti-Miers' people will either get over their disappointment and start pushing for her very soon before the left gets its meathooks into her past and start to really go beserk. Ms. Miers will serve the conservative cause very well. I am supporting this woman and other conservatives should do likewise.

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