Friday, June 17, 2005

Winners in the 2nd District 

I don't have much time, but here is a quick take on who I felt won and lost the most with the nominations of Jean Schmidt and Paul Hackett to race for the remainder of Rob Portman's term.

Biggest Winner (Politician): Jean Schmidt
Mrs. Schmidt ran a fairly positive campaign and didn't attack the other candidates, she worked her roots in Clermont County to great advantage and surprised nearly everyone, myself included. She should be voted into office and congratulated on her successful start. Memo to Mrs. Schmidt: I need to see some independence in office from you. Being able to tell your "leadership" no when they want to massively expand spending is a great test of your character.

Biggest Winner (Non-politician): Tom Blumer
The author of BizzyBlog did quite an impressive number on Bob McEwen's connections to Amway/Quixtar as a speaker while he was gone. He did a lot of work the mainstream press either deliberately overlooked or didn't think enough of it to report on it. I think the connections to the business weren't that big of a deal myself, but his reporting was excellent and his analysis usually spot on. Memo to Mr. Blumer: Great job with the investigation of Mr. McEwen. I hope your insightful commentary and investigation prowess will come to light in other races.

Best Minor player performance: Eric Minamyer
Finishing fifth in this contest with about 5% of the vote is an impressive feat concerning the attention and money the race received. He impressed people with his knowledge of issues and with his hard work. Memo to Mr. Minamyer: consider running for a higher office like county commissioner or for the state house in Columbus. I think your talents would be well served there.

Best Coin Flip performance: Tom Brinkman Jr.
I see Mr. Brinkman on the cusp of breaking through to more prominent politics. His character and his performance in this race and his record in Columbus will assure that any other race he runs for will receive attention and perhaps funding. I think that the Club for Growth should have either made him their man or just stayed out of the race altogether. Overall, I think Brinkman did a good job campaigning and getting his name out for the public to see. Memo to Mr. Brinkman: You might want to reconsider your opposition to the Patriot Act and you might want to try to get more legislation passed so as to get the "ineffective" cloud off your back.

These are the winners in my opinion. I think these people did exceptionally well and should be congratulated for their efforts in this past primary.

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