Monday, June 27, 2005

Supreme Court Decision on 10 Commandments 

Quick prediction: I rather expect the The Louisville Courier-Journal to wag her bony grey finger at those who wanted a ten commandments monument at the state capitol building with a condescending "see we told you backwards hicks so!" I'll update when I can. The Courier-Journal is so liberal and so out of touch, their response can be predicted. They will probably applaud the court for "wisely" seeing through the "red herring" (or some similar analogy) of other historical monuments to strike down those dangerous and extreme Christian fundamentalist rednecks. I would not be surprised for the Lexington Herald-Leader and Cincinnati/Kentucky Post to echo the same sentiments.

I am disappointed in the decision, but I would rather that the commandments would be written on the people's hearts and minds. In order for that to happen though, it takes the faithful proclamation of the gospel and for the grace of God to break through people's unbelief to bring them to faith and repentance. I think it is important for my fellow evangelical brothers and sisters to keep things in their proper perspective.

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