Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Losers in the 2nd District 

I have detailed who I think the biggest winners were in the June 14 primary here in the 2nd Congressional District. Now comes the time to list some of the biggest losers.
Biggest Loser (politician): The DeWine family. Let's see here: Father gets thrown under the bus by his own son. Father's connections dump hundreds of thousands of dollars into a primary race and finish fourth and the son gets sent back to the Hamilton County Commission after a firm rejection by informed and passionate voters. Memo to Pat DeWine: It is my opinion that your divorce and subsequent political job hopping are not separate and distinct from one another. Do yourself and all of us a favor and get your personal life under control before seeking higher office. You have a lot of potential and many political skills. God has called you to your particular office so you don't dissipate your time and talents.

The other big loser is Bob McEwen. Man with his connections and his ability to raise funds and have good will in the district couldn't overcome the "carpetbagger" label. Memo to Mr. McEwen: If you are really serious about representing the people of the district in Congress, then would you please spend some time on the ground fighting for the conservative movement here in Ohio? Could we interest you in doing some fundraising for other strong candidates?

Biggest Loser (Non-politician): This one is a tie between The Club For Growth and all of the various political action committees who donated to Pat DeWine's campaign. The Club managed to annoy some people in the district with their attack pieces on Mrs. Schmidt. They also really muddled their message early on with backhanded endorsements of Mr. McEwen and Mr. DeWine as well as Mr. Brinkman. In my opinion, they should have settled on Mr. Brinkman as their "boy" and rode him to the finish. Their tactics displayed a certain sense of uncertainty/opportunism/distrust that can rub people the wrong way. I think they have set their cause back here unless they are more circumspect about their involvement in local political campaigns.
What about the donors to the DeWine campaign? Well, they followed the judgment of the senior DeWine and look at what it got them. Investing literally hundreds of thousands of dollars now looks very foolish especially with the result obtained.

I am looking forward to voting for Mrs. Schmidt in August when a special general election will be held. I will work to keep an eye on her behavior in Congress especially on controversial and contentious issues. I am willing to give her a chance to prove her worth in Congress and I think the voters of the 2nd District should do the same.

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