Sunday, May 22, 2005

The Right (Brink)man for the Job 

On June 14, primary voters will go to the polls to vote for their party's nomination to run for the 2nd Congressional District here in southwestern Ohio. This race has recieved a lot of attention because of people and events outside of the district itself.
Many conservatives have watched in dismay and disappointment, the behavior of Senator Mike DeWine in the fight over judicial nominations. He was one of a group of "signatories" to a deal that allows the Democrat party to retain the "right" to filibuster judicial nominees under "extraordinary circumstances". The anger at the senator would still miss the 2nd district if his son had not decided to enter the race. The fact that he was running for Congress a mere three months after winning a seat on the Hamilton County Commission tells me that Pat DeWine is more feckless than his father. In any case, having served only one term on Cincinnati City Council, he lacks a record by which voters could make a rational judgement.

The people of the 2nd district should not be represented in D.C. with a father-son duo who seem to be more interested with good press than advancing any kind of real agenda. The other major candidates have failed to impress this blogger because they have been part of either the political class in Columbus or in D.C. too long to be trusted to buck their party or president when bad bills come down the pike (like the pork laden Transportation Bill currently being considered/larded up in the Senate). Conservative ideals of limited government and expanded freedom have been given mere lip service by this state's political establishment. It is time to "send 'em a message". It is time to elect Tom Brinkman to Congress.

With his experience in Columbus, Tom Brinkman has demonstrated that he is his own man and is willing to buck his party's "leadership" on bad bills. He has consistently opposed raising taxes and spending. He successfully acted on his pro-life convictions to pass legislation restricting the distribution of RU-486. Before he was elected to office, he was fighting for lower taxes and spending as a community activist (he founded Citizens Opposed to Additional Spending and Taxation in 1999. In short, Tom Brinkman not only has paid lip service to conservatism, he has fought for it in ways the other candidates have not. Mr. Brinkman has the experience and, more importantly, the character to be his own man and be a great representative for the people of Ohio.

I heartily endorse and support Tom Brinkman For Congress. Contributions can be made here. Signing up to volunteer can be done here.

I have not been compensated by the Brinkman campaign in any way for this endorsement. I will disclose that I have contributed a small amount of money to his campaign because it is the easiest way I know to be involved in the political process. I hope that this disclosure will leave no doubts as to my motives or incentives.

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