Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Thoughts on the new Pope 

Here are some essentially random thoughts that I have had recently concerning the new pope Benedict XVI:

--His pick was certainly surprising to me. I expected him to be seen as too old and doctrinaire to be a successor to the charismatic and mystical John Paul II.

--I wish him good health and God's wisdom in guiding a large diverse body of believers worldwide.

--I wonder if Benedict will continue the ecumenical overtures that his predecessor started? I expect Pope Benedict to be very conservative theologically. I just wonder if his theological conservatism will lead him to embrace or ultimately reject those with whom Rome has had disagreements with in the past.

--Hugh Hewitt asked one caller to his show whether young people will be attracted to a 78 year old pope. Answer: If he embraces Catholic youth the way his predecessor did, then the answer will be yes, young men and women will be attracted to this pontiff, particularly as has intended to hold forth against the "tyranny of relativism", a position that will yield much unanticipated and unexpected fruit in the future.

--As a protestant, I am fearful that this new pope will not be interested in true and honest dialogue and orthodox eccumenism. These fears are probably based in much ignorance, but they are there. While I am fearful of certain events unfolding or not unfolding, I am nevertheless overcome with happiness and excitement for my Roman brothers and sisters. As it stands right now, the legacy of John Paul II will remain intact for some time. May the Lord grant this wise and thoughtful man wisdom and strength for the coming journey.

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