Saturday, March 19, 2005

Trading up 

Rob Portman, my congressman, has been selected by President Bush to be the administration's new Trade Representative as this article from the Cincinnati Enquirer details. I think this is a solid choice for the post if for no other reason than Mr. Portman has been a consistent voice in Congress in favor of free trade. The appointment is also a good one because as this editorial from the Enquirer notes, Portman was an effective liason between the White House and Congress on many important issues, such as the creation of the Homeland Security Department and the "No Child Left Behind Act" among others. The Cincinnati Post notes that Portman was a consensus builder and an effective Congress man. Mr. Portman has been an effective advocate for this administration's policies in Congress and has been a key ally for conservative causes such as free trade. I support his nomination to the post and I think he will be an effective advocate for the U.S. in trade matters. The Senate should waste no time in approving him to his new post.

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