Saturday, March 19, 2005

"Special interests" indeed 

Wow. I have just read an amazing article by Ryan Sager about the successful liberal effort to convince Congress that they needed to pass the "Bipartisan" Campaign Reform Act (BCRA for short), more commonly known as the "McCain-Fiengold" bill in 2001. The article is amazing because it shows one of the key architects of the reform "movement" carefully orchestrating movements between various lobbying groups primarily using Pew Charitable Trust monies.(ht:Hugh Hewitt).

"What does this have to do with me?" the reader might ask. Well, outside of the tactical maneuvers that should be studied, the reader of this blog might want to check out this interview of FEC Commissioner Bradley Smith. The dissemination of ideas through the medium of the internet is what is at stake. With internet links becoming more and more valuable, the temptation of the political class and its bureaucracy to regulate this medium will become greater as the internet matures. I have signed a letter of concern to the chairman of the FEC urging that august body to continue exemptions from campaign regulations the way more traditional media has been exempted from regulation. Please sign the letter and work together to preserve our right to distribute political speech to everyone.

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