Monday, March 21, 2005

Quick Takes 

I have a series of quick takes and interactions with other bloggers out there that I think readers ought to check out.

Memo to Porkopolis: The current account trade deficit that we have with other countries is essentially meaningless in the grand scheme of things as stated strongly by the gentlemen at Cafe Hayek. They make essentially the same point that is made in Cox and Alm's excellent book. In fact, when our current account trade balance has significantly gone down in the past, our economy has been either in recession or in depression. Something to think about. Btw, I love the yeoman's work on Portman's pork barrel mural project going to Portsmouth. This set of posts is a must read in tracking down specific instances of Congressional pork that often goes undetected.

Joe Carter at The Evangelical Outpost, has a very thought provoking article concerning Christians and their concern for Terry Schavio. While readers may disagree with his thrust, his points are well made and should be considered by every Christian when it comes time to challenge the state's authority to kill when it trangresses moral bounds.

On a similar note, the editors of National Review Online have an excellent editorial concerning the last minute legislation passed by Congress last night here.

Finally, a note to Hugh Hewitt: thank you for the advice in dealing with a bureaucracy, but the FEC can be that stupid.

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