Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Playing God 

I will, Lord willing, be posting more on this topic in later posts. This post will soon be published in a Right To Life newsletter. This story deserves more comment than this post, but this is just the beginning.

Death by committee is here. According to reports out of the Netherlands, doctors at the Gronigen University Hospital have given at least four infants lethal doses of drugs under an “experimental” policy called the Gronigen Protocol. The policy has been developed by doctors, administrators and prosecutors to allow a committee of doctors to administer lethal doses of drugs to be admitted to children younger than age 12 if the child has been determined to have a terminal illness or has been determined to have too much pain and suffering.

Another key feature of the protocols is that parents do not have the final say as to whether their child lives or dies but can have only an advisory role in the decision. While this policy is seen as experimental in nature, the Netherlands, Belgium and Great Britain are considering assisted suicide laws similar to the one approved by Dutch voters in 1994.

This policy is a clear result of our thinking we can determine who has life and who doesn’t. We determine this for those with terminal illness, stem cell research and now we are willing to kill already born children because of pain and suffering. God asks us to look after the least of these. He demands that we act justly and love mercy. This policy is a flagrant denial of these commandments and must be stopped where it is and done away with.

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