Monday, December 13, 2004

On second thought.... 

Stephen Moore has a column today making the case for President Bush to pick Larry Kudlow as the director of the National Economic Council, the group charged with formulating and articulating the administration's economic policies.

At first glance, I thought this was Moore being something of a homer since both men are leaders in The Club For Growth, a conservative political group that seeks to elect true believing conservatives to Congress. I'm sure that there is some homerism going here, but upon further review, I have to admit that Larry Kudlow would be a brilliant choice for the position.

I must admit that most of what I know about supply-side economics and how to say it have come from the able pen of Mr. Kudlow. He has a way of taking macro economics in particular and boiling it down in ways that common schleps like me can understand and articulate it. I have a huge personal debt of gratitude to Mr. Kudlow for this reason. I also have been inspired by his ability to overcome a substance abuse problem earlier in his life. Larry Kudlow is a good man and the president would do well to consider him for the spot. The pick would be offbeat, but effective if he was given half a chance to articulate and direct White House policy. To that end, I have my doubts about Kudlow's ability to cut through the media static that surrounds the White House should he actually get the position, but that is part of the job he would have and I'm sure that he could find ways around the media screen if given a chance.

Larry Kudlow would be missed on cable, but his service to his country would be invaluable. I agree with Stephen Moore: Kudlow for NEC chairman.

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