Thursday, November 18, 2004

Why the MSM just doesn't get it..... 

The MSM (Mainstream Media; hat tip: Hugh Hewitt) just doesn't get it. I was watching the NBC Nightly News the other night and they have a story about Hardee's rolling out a burger with bacon and 2/3 of a pound of beef on it among other things. I don't have a problem with them mentioning the number of calories that are in the burger (some 1400 or so) and I don't have a problem with them listing what's in the burger. I don't have media outlets perhaps pointing out that Hardee's has been losing money and closing restaurants.

My big beef (no pun intended) with the story linked to above is that the NBC reporter went and got a comment from the freaks at The Center for Science in the Public Interest. Those freaks have gone off about this or that food dish that people actually enjoy eating. They are fringe healthy eating freaks on a par with PETA and other groups. Their research should ALWAYS be viewed with suspicion and skepticism because they are a bunch of liberal activists and hacks who want to take legitimate eating choices away from Americans. The fact that this group is contacted at all demonstrates just how out of touch the MSM is with the rest of the country. I also was abhorred at the comparison of a burger to porn by CSPI. Having seen some of the damaging effects of porn, the comparison to a STINKING, OVERSIZED chunk of meat on a bun is trivializing the damage porn does to God's design for sex and relations between a man and a woman. THEY are the one's who should be ashamed. They are the ones who are trivializing the danger, not Hardee's and not groups like The Center for Consumer Freedom who have routinely criticized CSPI for its "findings" and its policy prescriptions. Pornography is addictive and its effect on the brain has been compared to that of cocaine. As I said before, comparing a burger to porn is trivializing the dangers of porn on society.

Readers of this blog can read up on background information about CSPI here and here.

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