Monday, November 08, 2004

Time to turn up the heat... 

It is time for pro-life conservatives to ratchet up the heat on the GOP. It was pro-lifers who helped deliver an overwhelming set of victories this year. It is right and just to expect some return for our efforts. Right now, the GOP leadership in the Senate is looking at making an adamant pro-abortion Senator chairman of the Judiciary committee, Arlen Specter. Most of the readers of this blog of mine live in Ohio and Senator Mike DeWine is on the Judiciary Committee with Sen. Specter. Mr. DeWine has been a consistent and effective friend of the pro-life movement. He needs to be contacted and urged to vote against his colleague's promotion to Chairman of the Committee. Please call DeWine's Cincinnati office at:(513) 763-8260 or fax his office at:(513) 763-8268. I have contacted the Senator's office via the email form on his
website and let my opinion be known. It is time others do likewise.

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