Tuesday, November 23, 2004

On Target 

Hugh Hewitt has a pretty good idea when it comes to post-election coverage and why the Republicans weren't going door to door on election day this year. He points out that like the old Democrat voting machines, the word of who to vote for moves among communities and that is one thing that the Democrats have forgotten, particularly when it comes to organizing and attaining the evangelical vote. Hugh is right in his urging of Target to reconsider the removal of the Salvation Army's bell ringers from the fronts of their stores. In terms of retailers, Target has successfully made an appeal to the wealthier suburbanite/exurbanite dweller. Many of these people are Christians who support the Salvation Army and indeed are upset that Target is continuing to whitewash the public square (I like that term) that our culture seems bent on doing. I may have more on this later as time permits.

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