Thursday, November 11, 2004

Back to Specter 

I have been watching closely the "Dump Specter" campaign of bloggers and some of the anti-dump campaign of others. I have referenced Hugh Hewitt before and responded with a lengthy post that can be read below. I want to take some more time to address one of Hugh's main talking points in recent days. He has, if I'm correct, said that the GOP shouldn't dump Specter because it would inflame moderate to liberal Republicans who would strike back by siding with possible Democrat filibusters of judicial nominees. Conservatives such as Ramesh Ponnuru have responded that the risk of alienating moderates is just one of the political risks that come with the territory. I agree with Ramesh's take and I'll raise him some. Not only do I think the reaction by the moderates of the party probably overstated, I think everyone from both parties on Capitol Hill probably have gotten an earful of this controversy putting the Senate on notice that few shenanigans will be tolerated. I suspect that resultant blowback will have the effect of scaring or at least thinking twice about joining a filibuster should one occur, particularly a filibuster over pro-life judicial nominees. The biggest weakness in Hugh's arguments thus far has been his unwillingness or inability to address this point. Because the cases have been sooo far ranging in scope, few people have seriously addressed this aspect of the debate.

I think that while it may be too late, I don't think that it would hurt for my readers to contact Senator DeWine and the other Senators on the Judiciary Committee to give them a piece of your mind. The debate has been spirited and passionate, but in the end, I am certain no lasting damage has been to the conservative movement as a whole and the country will be the better for it.

Btw: for a real good collection of stories and opinions on the subject, go to Stones Cry Out, a blog that came out against dumping Specter, but is a good collection of opinion and articles anyway.

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