Thursday, October 21, 2004

Why Bush and Not Kerry... 

President Bush has been a leader in the GWOT, taking decisive action against two regimes harboring and protecting terrorists. He forged broad coalitions, took huge political risks and has demonstrated the kind of leadership called for in these times. The Middle East is starting to slowly liberalize and democratize its politics. Libya has peacefully surrendered its own weapons of terror. North Korea is being held accountable for its nuclear arsenal and Iran has been isolated on the world stage. Domestically, the president has shown true leadership. Tax cuts, partial privatization of Social Security, and medical savings accounts are bold policy pursuits. The president has demonstrated leadership even in areas I disagree with his policies such as Medicare’s prescription drug benefit and amnesty for illegal aliens.

In his 20 years in the Senate, Senator Kerry has had precious little to show for in terms of leadership. For a man who is allegedly proud of his record, he spent a whole sum of 27 seconds on it in his acceptance speech in Boston. The Senator's constant flip-flopping on issues, such as “gay marriage”, going to war and the Patriot Act, just to name a few, Senator Kerry has been the antithesis of leadership. He has not been consistent. He has been a political opportunist and panderer of extraordinary proportions.

On November 2, this country has an opportunity to elect a man with true character and who has exercised true leadership. The choice is clear: the man for our time and place is George W. Bush

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