Monday, August 23, 2004

Unable to Kerry the Load 

When I was growing up in Colorado, my friend and I played what we thought was a witty game of "you know you're having a bad day when..." where we would try to be funny in filling the blank. In that spirit, you know the Kerry-Edwards campaign has NOT had a good week when Bob Dole is piling on about Kerry's wounds. I'm sure the lukewarm reception here in Cincinnati this past week probably didn't help matters much either. If you listened to the Hugh Hewitt show on Friday, Peter Beinart of the New Republic was clearly agitated that this story is relevant right now. Of course Hugh responded on his website that Bush's drunk driving story the last weekend of the 2000 cycle shouldn't have been that important but it was. Welcome to politics in August ladies and gentlemen.

If you have comments positive OR negative, please let me know with some feedback. Come back and bring a friend with you.

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