Monday, August 23, 2004

Small Steps in the Right Direction 

Rep. John Boehner (Rep. OH) has an article defending the performance of charter schools from attacks from the New York Times and the teacher's unions. Boehner could have pointed to an article from the Cincinnati Post in 2000 detailing that all but one of Cincinnati's charter schools have overwhelming minority enrollment in them, belying the quality of education of Cincinnati's schools. Mr. Boehner's point is that charter schools take more at risk kids under their care and with greater accountability (and generally fewer resources) than public schools, come out with the same results.

I myself am in favor of charter schools because they do represent a small step in the right direction, namely wresting control of education of children away from the state. The problem with charter schools though is that the state is still in charge of who is allowed to form said schools and who isn't. The state still maintains a large degree of control over the charter schools. Vouchers are a further step in the right direction, but as David Koyzis points out, education is or at least should be the responsibility of parents, not the state.

Note: thanks to the Evangelical Outpost for finding this thoughtful and intelligent man and for being an inspiration to me in creating this blog.

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