Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Johnny come lately 

Well, Well, Well . . . It seems that Mr. Kerry has picked John Edwards to be his running mate. I am not that impressed to be honest with you all, but the pick is the best on a thin bench. Of the names that had been tossed around, Mr. Edwards is probably the best one of all. I think that the only way Kerry could have done better would to have chosen Dick Gebhardt or Sam Nunn. Heading into this year's presidential contest, I truly feared John Edwards. He is young, wealthy, good looking and charismatic on the stump (except for the wealthy part, he is everything Mr. Kerry isn't). Basically, what I feared about Edwards was that he would be Bill Clinton Part II, namely, a white southern liberal who could cross dress as a "moderate" (as if there is a difference).

But then a funny thing happened on the way to the primary: Edwards opened his mouth. His "Two America's" speech went over well and allowed him to mount a late charge in the early Democratic primaries, but it is right out of Mario Cuomo's "Two Cities" speech from 20 years ago. If the GOP were smart allecky about things, they ought to play clips of Edward's speech followed by Cuomo's speech followed by a clip of Kerry at a rally followed by a clip of Walter Mondale at a rally. Something like that would help cement memories of Reagan's wipeout of Mondale in 1984 and would illustrate the fact that the Democrat Party seems to be intellectually bankrupt of new ideas or perspectives.

Other avenues to hit on: Edwards is inexperienced, relatively speaking to be Commander-In-Chief and more importantly, him and his trial lawyer buddies have driven the cost of healthcare higher with various liability suits and punitive damages. It's my understanding that people distrust the media and politicians, but they distrust trial lawyers even more than those two fallen estates. "Trial Lawyer" and "John Edwards" ought to be linked in press releases every other day to drive home the point that Edwards has made his monies by punishing doctors and insurance companies unnecessarily, driving insurance premiums up and many doctors out of business. Finally, I still do fear Edwards as a future candidate and he could moderate his stump speech this year to set himself up as another Bill Clinton, just simply biding his time to run for the White House.

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