Saturday, June 12, 2004

Can you say evidence? 

There is an important story coming out of the U.N. According to the Rantburg blog, U.N. weapons inspectors have found parts belonging to the Al Souad II missiles in scrapyards in Jordan and engine parts showing up as far away as Rotterdam (parts have been suspected to have been shipped out all over the world, but no one knows for sure).
For a quick reference, the Al Souad II missile, if my understanding is correct, is an intercontinental ballistic missile that had greater range and accuracy than the SCUD of Gulf War I. True, these are no weapons of mass destruction, but they were BANNED weapons all the same and these weapons that Saddam allegedly didn't have could deliver chemical and biological weapons if loaded and handled properly.
I will go back to what I said earlier on this blog: if we could miss a buried MIG-25 and if missile parts are showing up in different countries, how much more difficult is it going to be find deadly biological agents when their containers could probably fit inside an average ice box?
click here for the Rantburg article.

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