Sunday, June 20, 2004


Tonight in St. Louis, Ken Griffey Jr. hit career home run 500, a solo home run in the 6th inning. It has been frustrating as a Reds fan to see Griffey hurt for the previous three seasons, but that is what is making this season so cool to see. Griffey is healthy and he is playing like he used to in Seattle. His achievement on the diamond should just about gaurntee him a trip to Cooperstown when he decides to retire.

It was a good sign that the Reds went out and got some sorely needed help for their bullpen when they traded for Gabe White from the Yankees. White has had three previous stint here and did pretty well for himself. Management hasn't done much, but what they have done, they have addressed specific needs. I think that there are still more deals to be made, but this is a good sign that management is deciding to get serious about a run for the playoffs.

For a good perspective on Griffey's accomplishments,click here and here.

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