Thursday, May 13, 2004

That Gassy Feeling 

I have just read a brief article in the Cincinnati Enquirer that makes, in a small way, my point that government should not be trusted with power. The article states that when wholesale prices for gas on average peak above $1.11, then the Commonwealth of Kentucky raises the tax on gas by a penny.

So let me get this straight: when the market price of gas goes ABOVE a certain level, the price paid at the pump is further raised by the state. When gas prices go up, it is, in essence, a tax on consumers. When the price of gas goes up, the state sales tax goes up with it. Now, I know that compared to other states, Kentucky's gas taxes are really reasonably priced and I realize that it's just a penny per gallon instead of 2 or 3 cents per gallon.

What has me boiling over is the laws in place. Back in 1980 the General Assembly put the law into place, I think, to ostensibly encourage conservation of fuel. But here's the rub: right now, with our technology and our capabilities, we can get enough oil domestically to keep our needs pretty well met without having to depend on other countries' whims and fancies. I believe, also that we can contain the smell and other side effects of refineries to increase our capacities of turning crude oil into heating oil and gasoline and kerosene, among other products.

Government is not to be trusted with power because they will abuse it. There is no reason whatsoever for an automatic tax increase . . . EVER. This is an example of the state thinking that it knows what's best for us. It is insulting. It is enraging and must be put to a stop. Government MUST have its knuckles rapped when it tries to reach into your wallet.

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