Friday, May 21, 2004


After getting a stern, but constructive email from a friend about my "Friends" post down below, I have three important corrections to make:
1. There were six (6) characters on the show and not four (4) as I had previously stated. This was an extremely sloppy fact-checking error that shouldn't have seen the light of day and in a rush of passion, I eagerly published it.
2. This same email also pointed out that the various Friends DID have jobs and these occupations were featured from time to time on the show. This is a more subtle error, but one that could have been prevented from occuring.
3. Finally, my friend's email taught me the importance of letting most written things cool off for at least 24 hours before publication. This time allows the writer time to reflect on what he/she has actually typed on to the page. I should have directed more of my anger and passion to the hype surrounding the finale' of the show without mentioning directly what I thought the show was or wasn't about.
On all three counts, I beg the readers of this blog to have some leniancy on me and my writing skills. This blog will be a place I can vent and let off some steam. I am sorry for such a mediocre effort on my part.

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